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I've been involved in hunting and fishing one way or another since 1972. I took up the sport of archery early in life in a hunting aspect and found myself later on in winter archery target leagues, which accelerated my interest in the sport. As I got more involved, I joined archery affiliated associations such as NATIONAL FIELD, INDOOR ARCHERY ASSOC., POPE & YOUNG, PROFESSIONAL BOW HUNTERS ASSOC., SAFARI CLUB INTERNATIONAL, and PROFESSIONAL ARCHERY ASSOC., to list only a few.

I was noticed by a few major companies and was asked to represent and shoot for them on an advisory staff level. Among them were - A.M.F. WING - BEN PEARSON, & P.S.E. As I did more, I was asked to coach and give lessons, which prompted me to open up my pro shop, which I ran from 1973 thru 1998. While running the pro shop, I met a lot of different outfitters and that's when I started booking hunts out of my shop. As I previously stated, I was in the archery retail portion for about 25 years. So therefore, you can imagine how many hunts I was responsible for booking for my customers.

As for my own hunting credits or credentials, I've taken many North American animals such a WHITETAILS (lots of them), BEAR, ANTELOPE, MULE DEER, MOOSE, CARIBOU, ELK, BUFFALO, & TURKEY. All of the mentioned animals were taken with a bow. My wife and I were fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to go to AFRICA twice early in my career. I took 10 plains game and 2 dangerous game - cape buffalo and lion (also - all with a bow). I'm currently and have been since it's conception - field testing and representing a highly respected and widely used product called SCENT-LOK. I believe in this product whole-heartly and it does exactly what its name implies. It's the one and only, the best there is --- period! Believe me it works!! I credit many of my whitetail deer to that SCENT-LOK suit. I represent other products in the archery industry at the present time also.

Along with all of this, I just recently received a patent-pending on a product that will be out soon called SHOK-EZ. A totally new concept in a SAFETY BELT, that is compact and user friendly. Hopefully, this will be ready for distribution in the immediate or near future. More info on this product will be forthcoming - keep your eyes open for it's arrival on the market and on the net!

Finally, the reason or purpose of having this WEB SITE. My wife and I are doing bookings full time NOW. So when you book a hunt with me, it would be the same as going directly to the outfitter, but without the hassle. We DO NOT CHARGE OVER & ABOVE THE COST OF THE HUNTS. I have taken all of the guesswork out of it for you by researching all of my outfitters before hand. We will supply you with all the information necessary as, STATE APPS. LIMITED DRAWS, DATES, COSTS, FLIGHTS, etc. Whatever you might want to know or be concerned about - I will find out directly for you from the outfitter you choose or the one best suited to answer that question. Should you have a particular animal or hunt in mind - I will supply you with the outfitter that best fills the criteria for that SPECIAL HUNT! Choosing the BEST outfitter means absolutely everything to your enjoying a SUCCESSFUL HUNT.

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Being personally involved with my customers over the years, I have come to have a good understanding for what kind of hunts people want. In choosing my outfitters, I focused my attention on the long time family operated businesses, who take pride in what their doing and maintaining good track records.

A good outfitters survival is linked directly to YOU. A satisfied hunter is an excellent reference for him to preserve his future. Keep in mind, even though you are paying for a service, if you pitch in and help - it will only serve to your advantage in the long run. If you are honest with your outfitter up front, telling him what you can and cannot do or what you hope to expect - it saves a lot of precious time, time that can be spent in a more positive way - like getting the trophy animal you came for. They are there to serve you in the best way possible, they're people just like you. So help him to help you. Remember also, weather is always a BIG FACTOR in a hunt and can change plans daily as well as hourly.

NOTE: There are NO cheap or freebees out there that are worth your time or money. I think we've all been there - done that at least once, I know I have!!! These are by no means the only good outfitters available - but some of the best I know to date.

All of these outfitters are bonded, licensed and insured for your safety and protection.


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